Dr. Ing. Coppin Olivier

Telefon: 33619170377
E-Mail: olivier.coppin@valeo.com


Professional Career

Position as engineer with PSA Peugeot Citroen. Cockpit and ergonomic architect

Vehicle architect. Responsible of B segment platform.

Unit Manager of geometrical and functional integration team for Research and innovative Division.

Deputy manager for Alternative Powertrain Department in Research and Innovative Division

Hybrid and Transmission Advanced Program Head Manager.

since 2013
R&D Innovation Director with Valeo powertrain


Current position; Responsibilities

Olivier COPPIN is in charge of innovative projects for the Powertrain Division. He is responsible of new technology and system building in order to bring new functions and contributions to CO2 emission reduction to customers.

Example of responsibility:

  • Advance projects for powertrain systems in order to low C02 emissions.
  • Functional and technological innovations for powertrain
  • Collaborative and funded projects coordinator
  • System engineering referent for powertrain business group.

Dr. Ing. Olivier COPPIN – R&D innovations Director VALEO Power Train.

Following a mechanical engineer diploma (CESTI/SUPMECA) and a PhD in mechatronics (Ecole Centrale de Paris), I joined PSA Peugeot Citroen as Cockpit architect. I joined then the Vehicle Architecture team and was in charge of the B Segment platform. After 10 years in synthesis architecture team, I created the Advanced Integration team in the Research and Innovation department, as responsible for the innovations integration in development vehicle projects. I joined then the alternative powertrain department and became responsible for advanced Hybrid and transmissions programs.

After 7 years in this field I joined Valeo Powertrain team as R&D and innovation director, in charge of innovative prospection and advanced powertrain projects. I deal with systems and technologies addressing the fuel consumption reduction (hybridization, energy management and recovery, powertrain management optimization …). I’m also in charge of collaborative projects with external partners and customers.