Peter Pichler

Pichler Peter studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Graz. In 2002 he finished his Ph.D. with the title Doctor of Engineering Science at the University in Leoben. The subject of his dissertation was “Demand-based induction motor design for diverging electrical vehicle applications powered by Battery”. From 2002 to 04/2003, he was the head of the R&D Department at ATB Antriebstechnik (Austria) and responsible for serial developments on industrial induction machines and PM servomotors. Moreover, he was involved in specific investigations on materials and innovative motor designs for the electric machines, which are produced at ATB. From 05/2003 to 2005 he held several positions in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Development at MAGNA. From 2005 to 2015 he led several Development and Industrialization Programs for Li-Ion Electrical Storage Systems. Since 05/2015 Peter Pichler is Director for Product Management at Samsung SDI Battery Systems GmbH.

SAMSUNG SDI Battery Systems GmbH
Frikusweg 1, 8141 Zettling, Austria
Phone +43 316 4040